I like food, drink, and good music.


Using Your Mind You Can Accomplish Anything

womaninterrupted replied to your photo: I managed to procure a couple of Stone Ruination…

No weeknight drinks? If you make it out alive let me know how you did it. ;-P

Well I managed to make it through the week without any alcohol. I haven’t had a drink since Saturday night despite having a fridge stocked full of tasty craft beer(non of which are Heady-Topper btw). I will be imbibing one or two tonight after I work out. I managed to accomplish this the same exact way I stopped smoking last year, and the same way I beat my oxycontin addiction 11 years ago. I have amazing will power and when I make the decision to do something and I put my mind to it, I get it done. Unfortunately, this is something I was born with that most people don’t have. If I could teach it to people I would gladly work at a rehab center or something like that, but it is frustrating enough trying to help close personal friends and instead of listening they continue to waste their lives away and basically kill themselves.